Can I check the status of my order?
yes, copy your order in the link here
How do I search for a product?
You can search for the product you need by browsing our catalog or making a search by writing a free text in the field at the top right of the site. The products are divided by Woman, Man, Child and Girl as well as by product categories (for example: shirts, pants, accessories, ...). You can refine your search using the filters on the catalog pages or in the one with the results of your search. At any time you can delete the chosen filter and return to the extended list of results. The products you are looking for will be shown to you with details of the price and colors available.
How do I choose the right size?
Click on "size guide" inside the product card to view the summary chart of the size conversion tables in the various countries. We will also guide you in identifying your size by providing the comparison with the measures in centimeters.
With which payment method can I make my online purchases?
If you run giveaways, the service lets you randomize your entrants (3,000 or less) and generates a verification code that proves the randomization is genuine.
No, but you can return your purchase by activating the return procedure and get a refund of the payment made for the purchase, at no additional cost.
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How can I be sure that I have placed an order correctly?
If your order has been successful you will be shown a thank you message with all the data relating to your online purchase (including number). In the following hours, you will receive an e-mail confirming the acceptance of your order. If you have made your online purchase as a registered user, you can also access your personal area and check the status of all your orders.
Do I need to be registered to make a purchase?
No, you can make an online purchase either as a registered user or as a guest.
Why was my credit card declined? In our experience, your card may be declined for the following reasons:
  - the data required for the payment does not coincide with those of your card, a simple typographical error in one of the fields can cause the rejection of the operation; - you have not activated your security code. Some credit cards, to protect you from online fraud, require an additional security code to be entered to confirm the payment. The code is provided by your bank your card limit has been exceeded. It is also possible that you have exceeded your credit limit or your card has expired. Your bank can give you all the necessary information about your card and payment options.

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